Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do Me!! (not in a Prince sense)

I come from a musical family, there are nine of us and we all play(ed) the piano, took piano lessons. At one studio we didn't perform with the rest of the students, we gave 'duMaine family' recitals. When I was a kid, I used to hate with a passion this stupid a** question, "which one of you is the best". My sisters and brothers used to look at each other and hem and haw trying not to exalt ourselves at the risk of hurt feelings. How retarded to ask siblings that kind of a question. Apples and oranges. (God moment coming) When God was giving out gifts, do you think the Divine gave less to one and more to another? Do you think God wants us constantly comparing those gifts? Don't we all peak @different times? Isn't it way more important to postively support and encourage, not judge and discourage. Don't ask me to compare my gifts to my brothers and sisters. We each have our own unique talent and our own unique way of sharing and expressing and using those gifts.

I fought feelings of inadequacey for years, struggling with those very comparisons, and still to this day retarded people have the fricking nerve to ask me that ridiculous question.
I finally got it!! I AM ME!! I am woking to be just as God wants me to be. Two of my brothers and I still do the music thing. I am not in competion with my brothers. I love my brothers and am extremely proud of their accomplishments, including their many musical accomplishments. They are staggeringly gifted in ad libbing.

I watched my bro, 'D'*, perform Happy Birthday for at least 5 minutes ad libbing from the beginning to the end. I was floored!
'DubU' and 'D', played a 45 minute jazz set, without rehearsing once. One of them chose the key E flat, and they went from there.
Blew my mind! Please don't ask me to do that!

But can I get an elementary school located in an urban city to perform 'Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat'? Can I get 3 & 4 year olds to dance to a 4 minute song and stay focused enough to not forget many steps? Can I write, choreograph, costume, and compose music for 'A Hip Hop Christmas Story' and involve over 110 students ranging in age from 3 to 12? The answer to those questions is 'Hell Yeah!!'

Is that talent? You betcha'! Is it any less staggering than my brothers? No!!!

I had a 'friend' pull those antics on me just recently. Asking me the 'retarded' question 'who's better?' AND starting a statement with 'I don't mean no harm BUT'. I haven't told him about himself yet, think I need to calm down first. But I will set this straight.
My Aha moment: I don't have anything to prove to anyone! I must do what makes me happy! I am me! I must do me to be happy!
*My brother's names have been altered!!

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  1. I believe that my 40's have allowed me to accept who I am, and for the world to 'take it or leave it'. Nice post.