Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tip #3 For Creatives' Peaceful Space

Survival Tips for the Creatives!!

I’ve written a couple of posts about my struggles with being a Creative.
Keeping positive people around.  Haters that have settled for the 9 to 5 gig.
The latest one come after an ongoing lesson. 
        TIP #3 (in no particular order)
Scenario:  A person finds out that you are creative and decides that you should help ‘us’ make money by making their ‘idea’.  
Here are the questions as I see them. 
1. If it’s such a great idea why haven’t you made it into a money maker for yourself?
2. Because they lack the skills to pull off their ‘idea’:   Who’s doing the work while you line 
    your pockets with my sweat and creativity.
3. Did I ask for your ‘inspiration’?
4. Who appointed me the doer of your dreams?
5. When do I make time from the plan I have made for my dreams and work
     to add the work of your (our) project?
6. Why exactly haven’t you learned the skills that it takes to make your own?
7. Why did it take me sooooo long to finally,  firmly  say  ‘NO!’
           Here are the facts as I see them:
On numerous occasions, I have been approached by well meaning individuals that lack the creative skills, but certainly not the visionary skills, to produce a line of whatever,  beanies, capes, outer wear. Not a can you make me a custom piece request, but a LINE.
My defenses always go up but the word no, never surfaced. 
          Here are the conclusions:
What I've come to understand:  I'm not a  collaborative creator UNLESS you are a creator. It’s like being an Electrical Engineer and advising a Teacher on the learning style of a certain student you have never observed, taught or met.  You don’t have the required skill set OR info to effectively attach to that student.
Would you allow me to come to your job and advise you on the procedures?

Others may not be bothered by these individuals but it drives me crazy. Like I’ve been waiting around all my life for their vision to save me from my uncreative mind.  So today, I finally put to rest the last of these requests.  I will stay true to my design ethic. I have said a firm NO.

I create from a place of calm, peace and healing.  My creativity is therapeutic. I cannot peacefully create someone else’s vision while mine are on hold. That creates confusion and anger which are not present when I create. May seem eccentric to you, but to me it makes complete and total sense.

So Tip  #3 (in no particular order) for Creatives' Peaceful Space:


I will defend my creativity!!!!

   The door to that inner sanctum is open by invitation only!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Year of Growth

This is only my 2nd post this year and 2012 is just about over.  Whew!!  Where did it go?  This has been a challenging year. A year of radical changes, but most of all a year of triumphs and victories.
   I ended a 16 month marriage that wasn't working. I was chosen to be a Returning Artists for UCity Schools (a high honor and humbling experience), I faced my fears and pitfalls, examined my relationships and my roles in them.
                But by far my biggest achievement;  Big Change #1: I turned 50.
 I am soooo glad and blessed to be 50.  And what a blessing it has been.  I believe that's why I have done sooo much introspection.  I don't want to continue down the road of people pleasing & negativity. I want to be totally honest with myself & I now have the tools to DEFEND MY HAPPINESS!  I have found the courage to use my voice to protect me.  I am not as concerned with who will or won't like what I'm saying. I have to learn how to temper it with appropriateness when need be, but for the most part if you step on my toe, you will hear about it.

Bout to boogie down!
                                           Big change #2: my baby is in Cali learning her craft.
 Anyone who knows us knows how close we are.  She is living out her destiny and fulfilling her dreams in SanDiego.  I learn so much from her and always have. She is  one of the greatest inspirations I have.  I love that she is extremely content with her decision, and wait patiently as she grows into her dreams.
                                                                  Chef Léna!  
 I still have alot of work to do, but my world is mine to take, shape and mold.  That feels freeing. I'm 50 and free!  I feel like I'm in my 20's again, but this time I have the wisdom & clarity that guides my decisions. It feels like the 1st time you do something you have been afraid to try, and all that anticipatory energy has built up and you let go and you don't fall and even if you do SO WHAT!!!!!!  It's pretty cool!!
                                                   It's my time and I will enjoy it!                       
                                    Thank you God for blessing me, gifting me and molding me!

                                                 by some miracle this is my 50th post?!   Hmmmm!?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 creative goals

I want to improve my needle skills. So this is the year. I feel the need to jazz up my funky stuff and learning new stitches and perfecting techniques makes sense to me.
I also have a list of projects I want to make this year. Including: moroccan poufs some home decor items and some scarves. I'll post those as I finish
Here are pics of my 1st stitch this year:
the crocodile stitch. Enjoy!