Friday, December 16, 2011

SallieA's Holiday Gift Guide

My Guide to the frugal gift giver
OR for those of us who can't afford a $275 bottle of Tequila or a $13 bar of oversized soap.
I don't know about you but if I had $275 I'm bill paying & if I pay $13 for a bar of soap (1) ain't nobody using it. (2) it better last a year (3) it better clean, mosturize AND solve some world issue. & (4) it better be wrapped in a $50 bill lol
I love me some O but I don't have O money. So here's my guide to getting thru your 'Santa List' with no money, little money, or strange change. You may have to work a little (DIY) but who doesn't love handmade gifts? hmmmm!! probably the person who did the 5am sales and is still running up credit cards.
My guide covers the senses and is both a DIY Guide & a Handmade Guide featuring members from my Etsy team EAOC.
I have 'pinned' the guides on Pinterest I'll preview them here & link you to them.
 Every artist in this guide is native to St Louis. The genres include Poetry, Jazz, Musicals, Gospel, Spirituals, Adult Contemporary, Classical and spicy cool Reggae. Treat your ears to some deliciousness, or your hands to some DIY tutes.

Stepping away (just for this one) from the not so 'O' prices; purchasing a lifetime of enjoyment from this list, because some of us can. Whether it's art, photog, jewelry or a book; handmade or DIY. These guidesnotonly have a plethora of choices but taut a wide price range.

                                            SMELLS GREAT
This guide assures that you and your home live fragrantly everafter.

Pumpkin Pie Butter by Belle Butters



Love soft and lush next to your skin? Or your skin feeling soft and lush
These guides are for you. Some are ready to ship and some are ready to make. Enjoy!!!!!!


The Holidays are synonymous with overeating. Can't imagine why this was the easiest guide to put together. (I must be hungry alot). This guide are heavy on the DIY and feature 2 of my fave local chefs that will leave
you deliciously satisfied and wanting more!!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal
I have had an exceptional year when it comes to acomplishments. I have overcome a huge obstacle with an understanding that I never thought possible.
Since Gratitude is my new Attitude, I have begun to jot down the positives
in my Gratitude Journal. It has become a reference of sorts when things get rough and heavy.
I shared an entry with my stoic big Sis on her bday and she said to warn her next time.
Always inspired by my dgt's insight at such a young age. My youngest neice is off and walking! And HD3! My Girls I teach always seem to know when I could use a pick-me-up. Some of my fave moments are because they care.
I have much to be thankful for.
I have many to be thankful for.
My fam that supports, my friends that share, my joy because of my upcoming 50th.
And you for reading and following!
stay tuned!

Friday, November 18, 2011

And the Winner Is:

The winner of the Wreath Giveaway is:
Mimi R. Thank You to all who entered!
and a special thanks to

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cardinal Wreath Giveaway

Giveaway entries end TODAY!!!!!

The wreath is oval grapevine wreath.  You decide vertical or horizontal, ribbon type.  I will add 11n11 if you want.  You let me know!!!!


1. Simply leave a comment! on this post!
2. Go to my lil'd Designs facebook page and leave a comment.
     Automagical Entry:  If you are a fan/ or become a fan of my lil'd Designs page AND your profile pic is Cardinalicious, you are automagically entered!!!!!!
  Winner announced tomorrow!!   Good Luck!!!

Pulled Seam Stitches

I noticed that after 5 years of wear that my fave winter trench had thinned and the stitches had begun to pull across my derriere.
Instead of ripping out the stitches I decided to celebrate my creativity create an 'angel' of sorts from my fabric stash.
My major dilemma: the coat lining. I would have to rip the seam stitches apart and be careful not to accidentally sew it while doing my applique work.
For the body of my 'angel' I used lightly colored African print fabric for the wings. Mud cloth  & Orange Kente for her dress.

Her brown satin face was reinforced with interfacing and hand embroidered eyes using metallic thread. And she sports  locks made from unravelings of Mud cloth and metallic thread.
After arranging the pieces on my coat & pinning them in place, I sewed them only catching the lining a couple of times after a couple of stitches.

My 'angel' was complete but needed a little attention, something was missing. So I dropped the feed dogs and zig-zagged a little design on the mud cloth. Hand sewed the center lining seam and 

  My pulled seam dilemma was solved & my fave trench now reflects my design aesthetic.

Sunday, October 16, 2011



I am a 'bargainista'.  I think from time to time that's where some of my creative ideas come from.
I refuse to be overcharged for something I can make at a fraction of the cost AND have the satisfaction of knowing I made it.    
So here is a tutorial on making simple, 'bargainista' Halloween Wreaths.

Materials needed:
1 or 2- 9' garlands depending on how bulky your garland is (I only needed one for the tute)
1- 12" wire wreath frame or 12" styrofoam wreath
Ribbon for hanging wreath
Halloween decor items: spider rings, mini skeletons (anything that adds spooky) including spider webbing.

1.Tie  one end to the wreath form and start wrapping. It's easier to leave the garland on its cardboard.
TIP: if using a foam wreath avoid white background showing through by covering with fabric using hot glue or floral pins or tacks.

                   That was waaaaay too easy!   So you can stop here, but why?!

 Here's where your style comes to play!  You can customize to your taste.
Add as little or as much as you like. Spider webbing, rings, bugs, OR  wire skeleton from middle of wreath.
TIP: non wax dental floss can be substituted for packaged spider webbing.

                                      To hang your wreath tie a knot in about 18" of ribbon

                                                               and place wherever!

Don't they kinda look like spiders and not rats?

all wreaths pictured are available in my Etsy Shop:

Saturday, September 3, 2011

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

I am a happy follower of CraftZineBlog.  They are running a series called 5,4,3,2,1. Its purpose is to delve into the creative process of we, the creatives, by asking 5 questions.  Here are my answers:
1 Project You Are Particularly Proud Of
When I was a teen I made an ABC fastener book for a sweet little girl I babysat. Her parents were floored that I would spend my free time like that. It's the 1st project I made for someone else. And their response, not to mention Amy's pleasure, is still overwhelming (I'm tearing up writing this. that was 30 years ago)

Mistakes You've Made In the Past
1. Procrastination. Known in my world as Concrastinaion. Nothing like ol' wait til the last minute to make me cut corners and regret finished project.
2. Sharing plans with naysayers.
  Ugggggh!  If you can't see a vision that doesn't include 9to5 I'm not sharing.

Things That Make Your Work Unique
1. I'm a rebel. My items reflect that.
I don't do 'normal, quiet or pastels'
I must add a 'twist' or dip of me!
2. I  see ordinary things differently like alot of us creatives , I'm no different.  In my head: A placemat becomes a wall hanging; a vase, a lamp etc.
3. I create from a place of love. I try to channel positivity while creating. I use scented hand lotions while I make. IDK. maybe it's just me, but I wonder where and what 'hand' made
what I purchase.

4 Tools I  Love To Use
1. xl ziploc bags keep my little tools close and together & my  projects organized.
2. The arm of my sofa is my pin cushion. Not a favorite choice for my daughter.
3. My maroon cushion handled Fiskars are for my hands only. I love the weight of them. They are a perfect fit.      
4. My mind. I love it there. It rarely clicks off. I must learn to edit though.

5 Inspirations
1. I have 2 friends in particular whose style is sooo funky and fresh. I often find myself wondering what they'll think or if they would wear what I'm making.
2. Prints and Colors. 'nuff said
3. Home Decor Stores. There are stores that have scarred my daughter for life. P1, GR
4. Nieces & nephews. Their age range: 11 mos-21. They have music in common and are pretty non conservative in style. How fun is that!
5. Other crafters.  If I'm stuck I go to Blogs, blogs, blogs.    My  Street Team: Etsy Artists of Color (very supportive) things about...

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Lover 52909
I have many loves. I am a cheater of sorts. One of my greatest loves is words. I am a lover of words.
I love new phrases. I love new expressions. I love new combinations I love new definitions. I am a lover of words. It amazes me how one little bitty word can carry so much meaning while a bunch of words strung together in a phrase can have little to no meaning what so ever.
(Ex. A player)
He comforts me when I am sad. He is blunt when I need the truth. He is wise when I don't get it. He's not always so kind. His judgements sting. His name calling belittles. He can manipulate with lies. Persuade with empty platitudes. Knows exactly what I need 2 hear to get his way.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Carla on Top Chef

I so enjoy Top Chef. Especially with the energy ball of emotion named Carla. It is just funny hilarious the way she reacts to the challenges. It is a pure, and exhausting to watch her but nonetheless, enjoyable. Thanks, Carla.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Chef

Carla is my fave!!!! She does Carla. She is true to her emotions and is supportive of all. Did I mention Carla is my FAVE!!!!!!