Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pulled Seam Stitches

I noticed that after 5 years of wear that my fave winter trench had thinned and the stitches had begun to pull across my derriere.
Instead of ripping out the stitches I decided to celebrate my creativity create an 'angel' of sorts from my fabric stash.
My major dilemma: the coat lining. I would have to rip the seam stitches apart and be careful not to accidentally sew it while doing my applique work.
For the body of my 'angel' I used lightly colored African print fabric for the wings. Mud cloth  & Orange Kente for her dress.

Her brown satin face was reinforced with interfacing and hand embroidered eyes using metallic thread. And she sports  locks made from unravelings of Mud cloth and metallic thread.
After arranging the pieces on my coat & pinning them in place, I sewed them only catching the lining a couple of times after a couple of stitches.

My 'angel' was complete but needed a little attention, something was missing. So I dropped the feed dogs and zig-zagged a little design on the mud cloth. Hand sewed the center lining seam and 

  My pulled seam dilemma was solved & my fave trench now reflects my design aesthetic.

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