Saturday, September 3, 2011

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

I am a happy follower of CraftZineBlog.  They are running a series called 5,4,3,2,1. Its purpose is to delve into the creative process of we, the creatives, by asking 5 questions.  Here are my answers:
1 Project You Are Particularly Proud Of
When I was a teen I made an ABC fastener book for a sweet little girl I babysat. Her parents were floored that I would spend my free time like that. It's the 1st project I made for someone else. And their response, not to mention Amy's pleasure, is still overwhelming (I'm tearing up writing this. that was 30 years ago)

Mistakes You've Made In the Past
1. Procrastination. Known in my world as Concrastinaion. Nothing like ol' wait til the last minute to make me cut corners and regret finished project.
2. Sharing plans with naysayers.
  Ugggggh!  If you can't see a vision that doesn't include 9to5 I'm not sharing.

Things That Make Your Work Unique
1. I'm a rebel. My items reflect that.
I don't do 'normal, quiet or pastels'
I must add a 'twist' or dip of me!
2. I  see ordinary things differently like alot of us creatives , I'm no different.  In my head: A placemat becomes a wall hanging; a vase, a lamp etc.
3. I create from a place of love. I try to channel positivity while creating. I use scented hand lotions while I make. IDK. maybe it's just me, but I wonder where and what 'hand' made
what I purchase.

4 Tools I  Love To Use
1. xl ziploc bags keep my little tools close and together & my  projects organized.
2. The arm of my sofa is my pin cushion. Not a favorite choice for my daughter.
3. My maroon cushion handled Fiskars are for my hands only. I love the weight of them. They are a perfect fit.      
4. My mind. I love it there. It rarely clicks off. I must learn to edit though.

5 Inspirations
1. I have 2 friends in particular whose style is sooo funky and fresh. I often find myself wondering what they'll think or if they would wear what I'm making.
2. Prints and Colors. 'nuff said
3. Home Decor Stores. There are stores that have scarred my daughter for life. P1, GR
4. Nieces & nephews. Their age range: 11 mos-21. They have music in common and are pretty non conservative in style. How fun is that!
5. Other crafters.  If I'm stuck I go to Blogs, blogs, blogs.    My  Street Team: Etsy Artists of Color (very supportive) things about...

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