Saturday, February 28, 2009

Name Changeback

I was watching the finale to one of my fave shows Wednesday Night, Top Chef. Of course I was pulling for Carla. She's quirky, she's contagious, she's pursuing her dreams. But I knew as soon as she stepped away from herself allowing her sous chef to change her menu she was doomed. How did I know?! I stepped away from myself and let my 'sous guide' change the name of my dream. Why? Because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I know! I know! I know! What about my feelings? Where was my voice. Where was Carla's. I painfully watched as she realized throughout prep that she had let her 'loving ways' derail her opportunity. She knew it and during Judge's table with tears streaming down her face she blamed no one for her decision. Impressive! Classy! She is so contagious that the pompous chef, Stephan stepped to her, twice, and consoled her.
I blame no one for my decision. I have stepped back to me, agonizingly took a deep and long introspective look into me and decided that love is love, stepping on my toes hurts, and saying ouch and getting that person off my toes is a neccesity!
Therefore: lil'd designs is reborn with a determination, a creative force, I haven't experienced since the name change. I use Sallie's World when I work with children in a workshop setting. But for my designs it will always and henceforth be: lil'd designs.
Ouch! Get off my toes!! and welcome to my loving world.

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