Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bridal Scene: April 25, 2009

So my church has a youth fundraiser bi annually: a fashion show. So for the first one two yrs ago I did my own scene: everday african. There's still a buzz around that line, but I have gone back to my original name and id: lil'd designs.
So for this show I was asked to make a wedding dress. No scene, just one piece, a wedding dress. I don't do wedding dresses or so I thought. So then I got to thinking why the hell not?! I let the powers that be know, sure, but not just the dress but the full scene. You know the bride, groom, flower girl and ring bearer! Including the pillow 4 the rings, the basket/purse 4 the flowers, the broom for jumping and the bride's bouquet!
So my theme is a beach ceremony. Nothing too formal, more informal but dressy and funky!!! The color is a very pale gold probably trimmed in an african adinkra fabric and beaded or 'shelled' with cowry shells. I've sketched the gown, have a pretty good idea of the groom and ring bearers duds, know the look for the flower girl's dress. I would use the same accent fabric for all four looks. (I've found the fabric I want) The accessories are forming in my head: the broom, not a problem. The pillow not a problem. The basket I'm actually thinking of fabric weaving myself in the shape of a square purse shape either with gold lace or the same accent fabric as the other looks.
That's how my mind works! I started out feeling snubbed and now.....
I'll start fitting the flower girl this weekend to keep ahead of schedule.
And we'll see how this comes out!!

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