Friday, February 27, 2009

Be careful whom you tell...

I'm sure as creative people we all have those who know how to support, and those who just don't get it. Those who 9 to 5 lives work so well for them and feels so secure that they can't imagine anyone not doing life like they do. And then there are the naysayers with their 'badvice' and their poisonous words, thoughts, and deeds that they just have to share with you in the name of 'setting you straight'.

Those who know how to support a person with vision and creativity look for opportunities, understand the space, the personal space, and time devoted to the craft at hand. They are a blessing to you and your endeavors. Unfortunately they are few and far between. Usually they aren't family members or 'close'. Finding like minded people usually happens at workshops or bazaars or anywhere sellers come together to share their work.

Those who don't know how to support you, and the 'lovely' naysayers, are abundant in their existence. The non supporters love to tell you that what you're doing ain't going to make no money, don't come with healthcare benefits or a 401k. They don't understand how debilitating it is to work a 'job' that slowly kills your soul which leads to you having to use those healthcare benefits to right the health issues that come from not being true to yourself or the gifts that you have been blessed with. They are reacting from from playing it safe, and being unable or unwilling to see beyond how their world works to allow for the differences that make the world more diverse and tasty.

They think that the time you spend at rehearsals or in your studio creating detracts from the time you should be spending according to their 'Book of the Well Planned Life'. You find yourself being accused of all sorts of sins.

AND then the doubt sets in. AND the negative messages hook on.

AND your vision becomes cloudy and dim through all of the negativity.

The naysayers are even worse, because they are more blatant with their 'badvice'. They make comments that start with, "I don't mean any harm BUT" and then they rip you, your talent, your endeavors, your creations, your whatever you do that they don't have the courage to do for themselves. They act on the pretense that they are 'saving' you from yourself. Who anointed them our savior. They are afraid that you'll leave them behind. Which is exactly what you must do to create in a positive, hopeful, sunny, successfulm, stress free, loving environment. Which is why I am extremely careful with whom I share what I do ceatively.

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