Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Why does that dirty word begin with 'pro'? Ain't nothing 'pro' about it.....well I am a pro @it! But 'pro' also means: good, benefit....and procrastinators know there's no true good benefit from it. Let's try 'concrastination'. Yeah that's a way better fit. I con myself into thinking that I can get a task completed to the best of my abilities in less time than is humanly possible. If I had started earlier, way earlier, I would have succeeded, but I concrastinated. I like that.
New word: concrastination. (Why do I feel like Andy Rooney?). It works. Con is a much better way of starting that word. Con: to dupe or be duped; not beneficial. Sounds just like it. At times to help us make decisions we make a list of pros and cons. We know people that are pros and we know people who are pros@ conning us; aka: con artists. If we are concrastinators.....we are both!!!!

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