Thursday, December 16, 2010

Organize the creative mind and space

I saw a saying once: 'A creative mind is never tidy!'. That's me and I'm sticking to it. However being organized, well.......I'm getting there.
Here's what I'm working on right now.
1. Make a chart/list of the craft disciplines/techniques you do. IE: sewing, paper crafting......
2. Decide how to store the various items used for those crafts.
3. Sort thru and make piles
4. Take a long winter's nap because
Organization and a creative mind (this creative mind) don't mix.
5. Ask yourself if u can complete a project w/o having to call a search party to locate the little items that have gone missing.
6. Push pass the feelings of doom and being overwhelmed and meditate on the happy feelings of sunny days to come when all projects get completed because you have found a system that works for you.
A. Seriously your first step is finding what works for you. What's logical. What's comfortable. What's realistic. What's aesthetic and will lead you to calm and balance. Anything short of that will not last. And only lead you back to these organization discussion boards.
Remember to be true to you: if it makes sense to you in your creative space DO IT! Keep your space sacred to you.

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